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The most progressive kiteboarding school in northeast Florida.


Barrett SUP and Kite specializes in beginner to advanced kiteboarding lessons around the greater Northeast Florida area. Barrett SUP and Kite was started to ensure that learning kiteboarders achieve confidence and safety throughout this dangerous time and beyond. Through individualized personal training, you will build the skills necessary to become an active kiter and the tools to progress confidently in your continued exploration. This success is acheived through focused and personalized instruction given to each student, and the passion to ensure their goals are met and exceeded. 

Barrett SUP and Kite is there for you like no other instruction program in town. Providing professional, quality instruction at a FLAT RATE ensures that you obtain all the skills and knowledge necessary to continue your progression in a safe and effective manner once on your own.  Having NO TIME LIMITITATIONS  assures competance and full understanding in numerous kiting situations.


Your safety is our #1 priority both during and after your kiteboarding lesson in Northeast Florida. Our lessons only end when you're ready to fly solo! Florida and beyond.


Barrett SUP and Kite works with kiteboarders of all skill levels, ages, and strength ranges in northeast Florida. From first time flyers, to those making advanced transitions, we'll push you to a higher level!